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Promotional materials for promotion of “Khiton” products
  1. Catalogues on production

    It reflects advantages of a product in a systematic way. Bright and informative leaflets are excellent tools for promotion of products.

    Catalogue on aerosol production. The information specified in the catalogue is on assortment of the product, volume, packing, conditions of storage, and also unique advantages of a product.

    Catalogue on paint and varnish production. The important characteristics of production are specified in the catalogue, such as luster of coating, grind level etc.

  1. POS-materials
  • Wobblers “Style - Classic”
  • Problem: an assortment of products will consist of several positions, it is impossible to place all types on one wobbler without damaging quality of the image
  • The original design decision: the image of a distinctive trade mark but not the product will provide faster identification; bright design will attract a lot of buyers
  • Wobblers “DEFI- antimosquito”.
  • Wobblers paint & varnish materials.
  1. Various hand-in products that can be used in promo-actions as well are suitable for stimulation and encouragement of consumers.

    Pens, bags, wall calendars, notebooks will remind of products after your purchase, as a gift they will strengthen loyalty of consumers.

  1. Info stand in a trading hall is an excellent way to allocate production to provide the attractive calculation, to achieve preservation of the assortment line.
  2. Publications in professional editions - “News of trade”, "Household chemical goods", etc. - a target audience of similar editions are heads of large trade enterprises. Editions suggest that not only modular advertising should be placed, but also reviews of the various markets that influence formation of positive image of the enterprise should be taken.

    Prices for products are placed in the specialized editions, both devoted to construction, and household chemical goods.

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